Our Faculty Details

SCON has highly experienced Dean ,Principal, Professors and Asso.Professors and highly experienced Tutors

Sl.No Designation Name Specialty Experience Years
1 Dean Dr. N. Jaya,M.Sc., Ph.D Maternity Nursing 42
2 Principal Dr.N.S.Jain Vanitha,M.Sc.,Ph.D. Psychiatric Nursing 22
3 Vice Principal Dr.Mrs.J.K Devi, M.Sc.Ph.D. Maternity Nursing 20
4 Professor Mrs.R.Vijayakumari,M.Sc.,M.Phil. Psychiatric Nursing 36
5 Professor Dr.K.Mohana Priya, M.Sc.Ph.D. Paediatric Nursing 10
6 Associate Professor Mrs.D.Geetha, M.Sc. Community Health Nursing 14
7 Associate Professor Mrs.G.Sangeetha,M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing 9
8 Assistant Professor Ms.C.Geetha, M.Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing 4

And many more highly experienced Teachers( Totalling 29)for Teaching and Training the Students in the Hospitals.